Barcelona arrive at the Bernabeu with third highest advantag

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Barcelona arrive at the Bernabeu with third highest advantag

Postprzez sonsovan » 18 gru 2017, o 04:22

It was always known that Real Madrid's participation in the Club World Cup would see them miss domestic fixtures, however given the state of play in LaLiga the current leaders, Barcelona, head into the Clasico with their third highest ever points advantage over their rivals. sbobet mobile
Despite Real Madrid having a game in hand, the gap between the two teams is currently 11 points, and there have only ever been two occasions where the gap has been as big heading into a Clasico.In the 2012/13 season, Barcelona arrived at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu with a 16 point lead over Jose Mourinho's team, although on that occasion Los Blancos were victorious. sbobet mobile
Prior to that, you must look back all the way to 1991 when Johan Cruyff's charges faced the Madrid side on the last day of the season.Real Madrid sat a grand 13 points adrift of their fierce rivals and were forced to make a guard of honour for the champions. sbobet mobile
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